No More Nightmares


There's no such thing as a bad dream!


Imagine what it would be like to sleep peacefully through the night...even after some distressing event! What if you could wake up quickly if you really needed to, but you didn't wake up from dreams or wake up in fear? And what if this could happen without drugs or years of therapy? In Dr. Dexter's book, No More Nightmares: How to Use Planned Dream Intervention to End Nightmares, and in the classes, she explains that having distressing or disturbing content in dreams is normal when people have disturbing experiences. When dreaming about combat or any other very emotional event, your brain is trying to resolve the overwhelming aspects of the experience while consolidating memories needed for survival. The process of how dreams help to resolve emotional disturbance is called 'dream work,'and that dream work occurs at the neuron level, not at a conscious psychological level. Anyone who has experienced disturbing events may develop various psychological or medical symptoms but you can regain control of your life and feel good! The key is to get high quality help from a professional with specific expertise the the treatment of trauma. Please contact Dr. Dexter for information on the No More Nightmares class or you can purchase the book from Amazon.